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opcard 2.2
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OPCARD 2.2 PCI-bus Ultrasonic Card with Integrated Pulser and Receiver

OPCARD 2.2 is a complete ultrasonic testing device, suitable for all ultrasonic measurements and due to many additional digital inputs/outputs and internal processor it can be used as a controller for more complicated devices.

The card can work together with devices like multiplexers or scanners.

Opcard 2.2 can work in sequence mode. It has the possibility to store up to 1024 sets of settings. So parameters can be switched very fast for every next data acquisition. The system allows to buffer many acquisitions in internal memory and forward a whole packet of data to control application. In this way, the high throughput of data reading from the device is obtained.

The card has an implemented one channel pulser & receiver and can be used with one or with two transducers (one is sending, and the second one receiving).

- Low noise preamplifier (0.74 nV/√(Hz))
- High gain up to +89 dB
- Switchable analog filters
- Support fast TGC (time gain compensation)
- 2 analog signal inputs PE and TT
- Input attenuator (-20dB)
- Input Impedance 50 Ohm, 10pF
- 10bit A/D Converter
- 100MHz sampling frequency, 8bit sample
- Up to 512k x 16bit samples memory
- Delay settings up to 65535 sample periods
- various triggering mode
- Data transfer speed - up to 132MB/s
- Expansion Connector for extra functions daughter-board
- interfaces (RS232, RS485, SPI, I2C)
- Standard PCI short card (174.63mm x 106.68mm)
- BNC or Lemo analog connectors
- DB15 connector for I/O and power lines
- weight: 175g

Technical Data
Analog parameters:
Input Amplifier Gain: -31dB to 65dB (step 1dB, error +/- 0.3dB)
Input Post-Amplifier: off or +24dB
Input Attenuator: off or -20dB
Input Range: +/- 275mV
(+/-2.5V with Attenuator active)
Full Bandwidth: 0.5 MHz - 25 MHz (-3dB) Switchable Filters(-3dB): 0.5 - 6MHz,0.5 - 10MHz, 0.5 - 15MHz, 0.5 - 25MHz, 1 - 6MHz, 1 - 10MHz, 1 - 15MHz, 1 - 25MHz, 2 - 6MHz, 2 - 10MHz, 2 - 15MHz, 2 - 25MHz, 4 - 6MHz, 4 - 10MHz, 4 - 15MHz, 4 - 25MHz
Pulse Voltage off(0V) to 360V (positive pulse, Short circuit step pulser)
Charging Time regulated from 0 to 3.1us in 0.1us steps
Fall Time <= 20 ns
Pulse Duration Short circuit, bandwidth up to about 50MHz
Output impedance < 1 Ohm

Data processing:
Resolution 10 bit (8bit stored)
Sampling Frequency(MHz) 100; 50; 33,3; 25; 20; 16,7; 14,3; 12,5,
11,1; 10; 9,1, 8,3; 7,7; 7,14 and 6,67
Data Buffer from 1 to 262088 (256k) samples in step of 4
Delay Time Post trigger from 0 to 65535 sample periods in step of 1
PRF up to 20 000 with multiplexers up to 100 000
Hardware data processing: Absolute, RF
Hardware averaging
Hardware digital filtering
DAC (TGC) with arbitrary waveform generator:
Frequency: 100MHz
Resolution: 8 bit
Max. gain changing: 48dB pro step
On-board trigger timer;
Application trigger rate Software controlled;
External trigger 2x inputs, TTL Signal.
Trigger output signal, TTL Signal
Counters / Input for incremental encoder:
Counters for Incremental Encoders 2 channel, 32-bit

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Our Company

Optel Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) is an innovative company established in 1989. It employs a team of engineers, that is passionately following their goal to create new, innovative products. We specialize in ultrasonic technologies and after decades of gaining experience, we have become renown specialists in this area. In past years, we have been solving with good results technical problems of our customers. Our company is a member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology and the European Association for Biometrics – Human Identity in Europe.

We have collected very comprehensive know-how in many areas of ultrasonic technology.

We provide a wide range of ultrasonic instruments and NDT inspection system solutions adapted to your needs.
OPCARD, OPBOX flaw detector family with OPMUX multiplexer are a high performance, precise multi-channel ultrasonic testing instruments designed to deliver solutions for ultrasonic NDT inspection systems. Combined with software with specific imaging and analysis tools, they offer the best solution for all your ultrasonic inspection needs. A variety of configurations allows us to provide a wide range of instruments and inspection system solutions. They are based on many years of experience, that we have collected since 1989.

All our instruments are designed for use in the ultrasonic inspection system for automated or manual inspection in on-line or off-line solutions or as a stand-alone system for industrial or in laboratory applications.

Due to its universality, flexibility and easy to use software, OPCARD, OPBOX, OPMUX instruments are ideal for testing:
- spot welds
- wall thickness
- welds
- shafts, rods, pipes and sheets
- and much more...
We design and develop for you online or offline ultrasonic inspection solutions specially adapted to your needs. All our systems are also suitable for upgrading old NDT devices with up to date technique. We can help you design your own ultrasonic system or update your system to the latest technology standards. You can extend the range of application based on our high-performing, cost-efficient ultrasonic instruments, proven in many applications around the world, reliable, user-friendly and flexible. You are welcome to use our ultrasonic know-how and integrate our ultrasonic instruments in your or your customer inspection system.


Customize: Optionally, it is possible to make hardware versions for the special needs of the user

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